What is oil paint?

Oil paint is a kind of slow drying paint that is composed of pigment particles suspended in the drying oil, which forms a strong colored layer when exposed to air. Like all colors, it consists of three colorless layers. Oil painting was first discovered in the world in the 15th century in the early Renaissance. First used by Northern European painters. Since then, artists have continued to develop and expand their oil painting techniques.

Benefits of oil paint

Oil paint is composed of pigments, adhesives and solvents. Pigment is a dye and is usually a powder. There are different types of solvents, but most of the time they are streptin or minerals. Knowing the properties of the materials in each color will affect the success of painting with them.

Drying oil is a herbal oil that is often made by chopping nuts or seeds. Flaxseed oil is mostly used for dyes. But poppy, sunflower, safflower, soybean and walnut oils can also be used. The advantage of slow-drying oil paint quality is that an artist can gradually develop the painting and make changes or corrections as needed.

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Oil paints blend well with each other, creating subtle color changes as well as easier light and shadow details. They can also be diluted with torrentin or other diluents. A heavily diluted layer dries relatively quickly and stains within a few days. It takes thicker layers and contains more oil.

The oil paint continues to dry and hardens with age after several decades. Pigments and expanders also affect the rate of drying, so different colors may dry at different speeds.

Factors affecting oil painting

Color levels

Oil paint levels can be very varied. An artist may choose to work on wood, paper, or usually canvas. No matter what surface is chosen, it is a good idea to prepare the surface with a layer of acrylic primer. It creates a significant surface area for oil painting. You can buy canvases that are already made of plaster.

Most pre-painted canvases also have plastering. Masonry wood produces very complex details in oil painting. Heavier canvas, on the other hand, requires more color to create details. The levels chosen by an artist should reflect the theme and style she /he has chosen for the painting.


While there are a variety of brushes used for oil painting, the most commonly used are rigid cylindrical brushes. Because oil paint is generally thick, the hardness of the brush is important to maintain its shape. These tools are produced in different shapes and sizes. Pallet knives are also used to paint and mix.


Because oil paint uses an oil glue, it dries completely. This has both advantages and disadvantages. This is an advantage when the artist wants to spend time working on the paint on the surface over a specific period of time or mixing colors directly.

This defect is lost when the artist wants to quickly apply a layer of painting or painting on an area with a completely new color.

Oil paints of Korivand Dyeing Company

Oil paints are also among the categories of paints that have many uses for painting. Oil paints of Kryvand Dyeing Company are divided into three categories: glossy oil paints, semi-matte oil paints and matte oil paints, each of which has its own application. Oil paint is also used as one of the insulation and stainless steel building materials, so it is a very good choice for covering the “interior walls” of the house.

Types of construction oil paints of Korivand Paint Company

Glossy oil paint K100

The shiny alkyd oil paint of Korivand Paint Company has a very good coating and can be used for all walls and even iron items such as railings or window frames. In addition, it has a very high durability. It has excellent quality and solubility, so that this product is one of the best-selling products of Korivand Paint Company, and this product has achieved the required standards of the industry and customer satisfaction.

The gloss of the surface of this paint helps to reflect ambient light well on the wall and make the space look very bright and luxurious. In addition, the glossy oil paint is completely washable. Depending on the customer’s taste, it is sometimes mixed with K101 matte oil paint.

The recommendation of Korivand Painting Group to you is to use bright glossy oil colors for the living room and guest room.

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Oil paint is a kind of slow drying paint that is composed of pigment particles suspended in the drying oil, which forms a strong colored layer when exposed to air. Oil paint is composed of pigments, adhesives and solvents.

Factors effective in good oil painting such as:

  • Paint surfaces that a painter might do on paper, wood and canvas.
  • Brush: There are a variety of brushes for working with oil paints that are used depending on the type of painting.
  • Working technique is also effective in a good painting.