Glossy Oil Paint

What is glossy oil paint?

Glossy oil paint naturally gives a special shine to the surface.

Oil paint is mainly composed of pigments and binders that can be used directly from the pipe without adding intermediates or additives. There are two types of oil paints: glossy and matte. Oil base can determine various factors regarding the color and how it works. The most important advantage of oil paints is their flexibility and depth of color

The word gloss refers to the level of brightness of the color. The shinier the gloss, the more reflection it will have. Most people love shine.

In the past, glossy paints were oil-based, prone to yellowing, and even contained harmful lead. Today, modern glossy paints have little water and have a minimum of VOC, creating a great, durable color with no yellowness over time.

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Applications of glossy oil paint

Glossy oil paint is traditionally used for woodwork, doors and veneers.

Bookcases, windows are usually painted with semi-gloss or glossy colors.

This color is used for garage doors due to its durable glossy color.

This is one of the most popular colors for the main parts of the house such as hallway, living room, entrance. Because they are washable and also more resistant to blemishes and skin marks.

The glossy color is very reflective and almost glassy, ​​which makes it ideal for cabinets. Glossy colors are common in bathrooms, crowded areas and children’s rooms

Aesthetically, glossy paint does not show small imperfections of the space, so if you want to hide a flaw, use this color.

Glossy oil paints are also used on sand. If you want to use them, pour them gently on the sand. Unless they are impregnated with a hard primer such as Bonn (shell), Kielce (base oil) or Zinsser 1-2-3 (water-based).

Properties of glossy oil paint

The most durable colors as a rule are glosses.

Oil paints create smooth surfaces by touch.

Glossy paints are harder and more porous, which means they are more resistant to moisture.

They create an important quality for any surface that is often painted with these colors.

The charm of these colors is that the painted surface is still wet and makes the color look bolder.

The glossy color is very reflective and almost glassy.

These colors can help brighten dark spaces.

How can I use glossy paint?

Once the proper surface is prepared, the gloss paint can be applied using a brush, roller or spray. There is a wide range of high quality paint brushes that can be used for glossy paint. When using previously painted surfaces, it is necessary to rub the surface and remove the scaly color or fill the holes with filler.


Oil paint is mainly composed of pigments and binders, which are available in two types, matte and glossy. The most important advantage of oil paints is their flexibility and depth of color.

Modern gloss paints have less water and have a minimum of VOCs, creating a great, long-lasting, yellow-free color over time.

Their applications include using for covering doors, veneers, woodwork, bookshelves, windows, garage doors, main parts of the house such as hallways, living rooms, as well as cabinets.

Glossy oil paint has properties such as: durability, porosity and moisture resistance, is reflective and also makes dark spaces brighter.

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