What is rustproof?

Rustproof is an alkyd paint used to prevent metals from rusting. They are a cost-effective measure to ensure corrosion protection.

When iron or steel corrodes, it is the result of iron oxide, or what we call “rust.”

Applying a suitable coating on the metal, protects it from the damaging effects of exposure to water. In order for steel and other metals to be used in construction, some methods of corrosion protection must be used. Otherwise, the life of steel and other metals will be limited, reducing efficiency and increasing maintenance costs. One of these methods is the use of rustproof for metals.

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The quality of the anti-corrosion pigments in it changes the surface properties of the base metal. This metal results in high electrical resistance. Different pigments do this reaction in different ways. The primers absorb moisture so that they do not react with the steel.

Rustic “rustproof” or alkyd primer is the best choice for protection of all types of iron surfaces, building metal structures, sheds, structures and etc. so It can be used in temperate climates.

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فروش ضد زنگ